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Sugar Shack


♫ There’s a crazy little Shack beyond the tracks...”
“...Everybody calls it the Sugar Shack ♫ 

   The Sugar Shack began in the summer of 2011 after Amy finished her first year of University at Bishop's. Amy decided to open up a candy and ice cream store to help pay for University in her Dad’s old tool shed on Savary Island. Amy grew up spending her summers at her cabin on Savary. She quickly learned there was a demand for an ice cream shop and decided it was a good idea to open her own Sugar Shack. 9 years later the Sugar Shack is still running and is operated by a small team in the summertime.


We are stoked to bring "The Bean" to the Mountains

    Amy recently opened her second location in Revelstoke in December 2018. She is excited to be expanding her business venture in Revelstoke where she now considers home. The Sugar Shack offers coast-inspired coffee from Bean Around the World... a company who has been in the coffee game since the early ’90s and are absolutely crushing it, with 27 locations in the lower mainland and a bounty of loyal coffee subscribers!

    The Shack also serves a variety of ice-cream treats including scooped ice cream, homemade ice cream sandwiches, milk-shakes, sundaes and more! To add to this sweetness, the Shack carries a wide range of different candies, ranging from sour gummies to old classics such as saltwater taffy.

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